Tokyo de Volunteer is a branch of NY de Volunteer, a Japanese non-profit organization founded in NYC in 2002.

NY de Volunteer's mission is to address critical needs in New York by empowering the local Japanese population and its friends to become positive change-makers through volunteerism and intercultural exchange.

Many of the alumni from NY de Volunteer decided to continue volunteering upon returning to Japan -- thus, Tokyo de Volunteer was born.

Now, Tokyo de Volunteer been actively engaged in organizing volunteer events in order to achieve mission below:

The mission of Tokyo de Volunteer is to enhance international mutual understanding and to improve the greater Tokyo metropolitan community through mobilization and volunteering efforts of the local global citizens and its extended network.

Please feel free to send inquiries in English about volunteer opportunities in Tohoku areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami. We also have ongoing local volunteer opportunities.

For more information about NY de Volunteer, please see:

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